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About us

Goals and principles

The main goal of the Association is to increase the quality of employment law and its practical application in the Czech Republic. However, the Association also aims for an international dimension in its activities, especially through cooperation with transnational and international organisations involved in similar activities.


The Association realizes its goals mainly through:

tribit_nemazat.gifParticipation in the creation of law,
tribit_nemazat.gifAssertion of practical changes in legal rules and how they are applied,
tribit_nemazat.gifExpressing employment law experts’ views,
tribit_nemazat.gifCooperation with employers’ organizations, chambers of commerce and trade unions,
tribit_nemazat.gifCooperation with professional and self-governing organizations,
tribit_nemazat.gifExpanding the knowledge of its members and organizing the exchange of experience and knowledge within the Association.


Membership in CzELA is divided into Ordinary and Honorary.

An Ordinary member of CzELA can be an individual who:

tribit_nemazat.gifHas full legal capacity,
tribit_nemazat.gifIs registered in the list of attorneys,
tribit_nemazat.gifHas been professionally active in the field of employment law for at least five years,
tribit_nemazat.gifSubmits a recommendation of at least five current ordinary members of the association.
Membership in CzELA is conditioned by the fulfilment of the above-stated professional requirements, and, acceptance of the applicant by the general meeting upon the proposal of the board of directors and payment of the membership fee.

If you are interested in becoming a member of CzELA, please contact us at czela@czela.cz.

An Honorary member can be any person appointed from the field of employment law who has influenced the Czech legal environment through developing an outstanding reputation and during  many years of practice has distinguished themselves as  among the top specialists in their field. 

A profile of all members of CzELA can be found in the Organisation section.