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tribit_nemazat.gifCollections of Laws:
Collection - current regulations about to be announced
Collection of Laws and Collection of International Treaties - official collections on the web pages of the Ministry of the Interior

tribit_nemazat.gifConstitutional bodies:
Chamber of Deputies - search for documents for discussions at sittings
Senate - documents and legislation
Government - current meeting programmes and records

tribit_nemazat.gifState administration:
Judicial system - portal of the Ministry of Justice, Companies Register, New Civil Code
MPSV - Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs
Sickness Benefits Calculators - calculations of the amount of sickness benefits and compensation of salary
Retirement Table - find out your retirement age
MPSV Portal - integrated portal of the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs - employment, EURES
UOOU - Office for Personal Data Protection
State Labour Inspection Office - checks for compliance with labour and work safety regulations
Czech Chamber of Commerce - overview of legislation in the comment procedure
CSSA - The Czech Social Security Administration
Labour Office - contacts to particular labour offices, information about free working positions

Constitutional Court - decisions
Supreme Court - decisions
Supreme Administrative Court - general information

tribit_nemazat.gifDefence against discrimination:
The Ombudsman - the public defender of rights in the discrimination matters
Tackling discrimination - European Commission website about discrimination and possible defence against it  
LGBT - legal and psychological counselling
Discrimination, gender studies - legal counselling
Consumer Defence Association - Anti-Discrimination hot line

EPRAVO - articles, judicial decisions, practical advice
AKV - Association for the Development of Collective Bargaining and Labour Law Relationships
eLAW - law, judicial decisions, practical examples and models of contracts
BOZP - information on occupational safety and health protection

International links

EUR-Lex - portal to the law of the EU
ECJ - European Court of Justice
Euroskop - all about the Czech membership in the EU
IBA - International Bar Association
EELA - European Employment Lawyers Association
BusinessEurope - Confederation of European Business
UEAPME - European Association of Craft, Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises
European Commission - Employment, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities